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Adam Sapa Restaurant

The mountainous specialties cuisine restaurant has a capacity of 200 people. Every cuisine of Adam Sapa is created by experienced chef with all their heart. Coming to Adam Sapa restaurant, customers could enjoy exquisite cuisine that is made from fresh food. We always keep in mind that cuisine imprinted Sapa is the perfect way to send love to misty world.

Sapa has not only beautiful nature, cool weather but also special tasty food. And among Sapa cuisines, the fresh fish is the most delicious. One thing you must try when being in Sapa is Rainbow trout and sturgeon. These fish is raised in Sapa, therefore, they are always fresh and delicious, and have reasonable price. In cold night in Sapa, there is no such interested to enjoy fish hotpot with friends and family.

Beside of fish hotpot, the other famous mountainous cuisine is Thang co ngua. This dish is made from horseflesh and horse ventriculus, and eaten with fresh vegetable. Currently, the dish is adapted to suitable with traveller from everywhere, but still keep the main taste and features.

In additions, coming to Adam Sapa restaurant, cusomters could enjoy special cuisine “Xoi to” which is only served at our restaurant.