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The mountainous specialties cuisine restaurant has a capacity of 200 people. Every cuisine of Adam Sapa is created by experienced chef with all their heart. Coming to Adam Sapa restaurant, customers could enjoy exquisite cuisine that is made from fresh food. We always keep in mind that cuisine imprinted Sapa is the perfect way to send love to misty world.

Sapa has not only beautiful nature, cool weather but also special tasty food. And among Sapa cuisines, the fresh fish is the most delicious. One thing you must try when being in Sapa is Rainbow trout and sturgeon. These fish is raised in Sapa, therefore, they are always fresh and delicious, and have reasonable price. In cold night in Sapa, there is no such interested to enjoy fish hotpot with friends and family.

Beside of fish hotpot, the other famous mountainous cuisine is Thang co ngua. This dish is made from horseflesh and horse ventriculus, and eaten with fresh vegetable. Currently, the dish is adapted to suitable with traveller from everywhere, but still keep the main taste and features.

In additions, coming to Adam Sapa restaurant, cusomters could enjoy special cuisine “Xoi to” which is only served at our restaurant.


The journey would become more and more interesting if we could sing a song and have some fun together with our friends and family. Understanding your demand, Adam Sapa opened 8 karaoke rooms to give customers the best moment.

The karaoke room has the most modern sound system and computer karaoke system with latest songs. With cozy space as home and color light stage, the karaoke activity shall dissolve your fatigue and let you immerse in music. Come to Sapa to enjoy and have the best moment in life.

Sauna Massage

Tiredness, body-aches, or cramps, and so on are the alarm to notify that your body needs to rest. In addition to normal entertainment activities such as listening to music and watching movie, massage and other spa treatment are also an effective method to make you feel comfortable and revive.

The Sauna Massage service of Adam Sapa will give you an opportunity to cosset your body and soul in a luxury 3-star space. With advantage of position and experience, we assure you will get the best service and relaxation when in Sapa.

The medical research found that massage treatment with pure essential oils could enliven nerves system and repulse irritating symptom such as: Stress, headaches, sleepless, arthritis, and long-standing pain, etc.

Together with massage treatment, we provide you sauna treatment which helps you refresh mind and revived. This method could make you healthy by detox, relieving arthritis and other pain, enhancing blood circulation, reducing stress, etc.

Being the combination of luxury and cozy space, body and beauty treatment, experienced staff, Adam Sapa hotel is your worth and perfect choice.

Bar – Café

To add some color to your trip, Adam Sapa provides luxury and comfortable Bar – Café service. Let’s imagine that after a long day travelling and you go back to hotel to enjoy your favorite drink in cozy space. This would be the most wonderful moment in life.